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Rest Well, Lela

I’ve been putting off posting this but I guess it’s time.

It’s with great sadness that I have to announce the passing of Lela.

My beautiful 7 eyed girl has moved on to the next journey of existence. Though I am sad that she has gone, I also know this is a normal life for a spider. And a normal spider life is more then I ever expected her to have when I found her. She probably never should have even survived to begin with. But she did. She was strong. She was determined. She fought, and she grew all the way into adulthood, and then became a mother herself, and raised several clutches of beautiful babies. And they are all so perfect, and whole. But after awhile she slowed down, like they all do when they get old. I began hand feeding her, just like when I first found her. She stayed with me for a few more months as an old lady, and then one evening last week, she faded away….

I wonder if she even knew what a beautiful life she lived. Or how special she was. Or how loved. But then I think, part of the beauty is that she just lived her life, oblivious to such things that humans think over….

I feel so lucky to have gotten to raise her, and watch her grow. And I feel honored to have been given the chance to share her with all of you.

This is not the end of Lela’s story. Thank you all for following her.


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