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How this works is, I do reptile expos once a month.  I am currently breeding on a smaller scale, so  after the expos (typically at the end of each month) I will update the availability here.  I will only turn this part of the site on if there are enough left to do so.  So if it says Out of Stock, you are still welcome to send a message.  I may still have some available.



Shipping always depends on temperatures.  

Ever since Covid and whatever other weird things started happening on earth, fed ex started raising prices.  i'm not happy about it but it is the only way i can ship anything that is alive.

i have to follow specific guidelines to ship safely,  and i may need to delay a shipment a week or so.


Also, do not wait until your spider arrives to message me and ask what to feed it.   please do your research, read the care sheets, join the facebook groups, ask questions, learn about them a little.  i am always happy to help and do follow up care and give advice, but seriously, do your research first.  these are my babies.  i want them to have great lives with the best care.


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