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Rest Well, War Machine

In memory of War Machine ❤

She wasn't just a good spider, she was the best spider. She was a mother, a grandmother, a surrogate mother, and most importantly, she was my friend. To be able to connect with something so small and what most people view as insignificant, was the greatest gift this universe has given me. It changed everything about the life I was living. If the people even knew.....

War Machine outlived all of my spiders. Not only did she have her own babies, but when Val left two of her eggsacs immediately after laying them, War Machine stayed with them, and treated them as her own. She loved the surrogate nests from the younger spiders, she would add her invisible web to them as if she was making them herself. And once, a few weeks ago, a green star sticker emerged from her hammock and I still for the life of me have no idea where it came from.

This little girl has become an ambassador for spiders. I get messages constantly, that because of her, and the video of her in her surrogate nest, people now like spiders, or people will relocate a spider instead of disposing of it. War Machine did that. War Machine helped conquer your fear, and helped everyone see her species in a different light.

I hope she is never forgotten. I hope everyone remembers her, the little spider with the heart shape on her abdomen.

Rest well War Machine, it was your time to go, and you will be missed more then your little spider brain can comprehend. ❤

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