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Why my store is always out of stock.

My shop is always out of stock because I keep the ordering turned off. I'm not a business. Im a hobbyist. I breed spiders in my spare time because I enjoy it. I do this on a very small scale. Im not a spider mill with tons of girls on eggs. Its just a few at a time. When the babies are old enough then every few weeks I will have a few extras to rehome. The popularity of these spiders has gone up so much recently that I can't accommodate every person. Nor would I. My spiders are not a product that you can just click and order, pay some money and you recieve it in a box a few days later. I raised them. A lot of care and time go into shipping them. Shipping might cost more then the spider. The money I recieve for the spider goes back into this, for feeders and supplies and whatever they need. I see no profit. I actually put my own separate money into it. I'm not a business. I just love raising spiders and have a few extra here and there that I prefer to send off to people who are going to put the same time and dedication into thier husbandry. Its a great hobby if your willing to put in the work and the effort. I really can't sell them on the scale I was when I started this site. It became too stressful. It is not easy to put that thing you cared for into a box and mail it to some random person who ordered it. I prefer to exchange a few messages first to get a feel for things. This hobby has exploded so much recently that it brings the bad breeders as well as bad buyers out and ethically it just kind of started wearing me down.

Also I work a full time job and have to support myself. I'm getting so many messages asking when I will have more spiders in stock like I'm an actual business but I'm totally not. But I do have a lot of repeat customers who have found the same peace in this that I have. They love the babies they get from me and I stay in this hobby for them. They get it.

Thank you all for your patience waiting for them. I do my best. But I want to enjoy them too, which is why I have slowed the entire enterprise down quite a bit.

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