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Shipping is through Ship Your Reptiles (Fed Ex) 

This is 2 day shipping.  I will not ship anything that takes longer than 2 days.  Shipping also depends on the weather.  If it is above 90 degrees, or below 30 degrees, I will not ship until there are better temperatures.

The price of shipping depends on your zip code, and also covers the cost of the shipping box, insulation, and temp control (heat pack, ice pack, or Phase 22 cryopack) as long as your order fits in the 6*6*6 size box.

Shipping is Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays only.  Please make sure someone is home to accept the package, it cannot be left outside.  If there is a Fed Ex pick up HUB near you, and you can pick it up yourself, even better, as it is much safer for the spiders to skip over the whole ride on the delivery truck.  

The safety and well-being of my little ones is priority, they are fragile.  If I feel it is in their best interest to hold of shipping for a week, due to weather, or if they are molting, please be patient.

Refunds or replacements

There is no live arrival guarantee.  However, if your spider does not survive the trip and you can provide me a picture right away, then I will replace it. 

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